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Enjoy efficient, professional financial service from Helen Campos. Bookkeeping and accounting are usually performed by a bookkeeper. A bookkeeper (or book-keeper), also known as an accounting clerk or accounting technician, is a person who records the day-to-day financial transactions of an organization. A bookkeeper is usually responsible for writing the “daybooks” which consist of purchases, sales, receipts, and payments. The bookkeeper is also responsible for ensuring all transactions are recorded in the correct day book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger or general ledger. In principle, bookkeeping is a very important aspect of running a business. However, not many Singapore business owners have the capabilities or even time to adhere to such a laborious task let alone complete a satisfactory accounting job.

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Accounting refers to the process of summarising, analyzing and reporting the day to day transactions for your business. The financial statements that summarize a large company’s operations, financial position and cash flows over a particular period are a concise summary of the hundreds of thousands of financial transactions it may have entered into over this period. Accounting is one of the key functions for almost any business; it may be handled by a bookkeeper or an accountant at small firms.

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At HCCS, we will handle your bookkeeping and accounting needs while you manage your business. With our extensive experience, we will even assist in building your business by analyzing your accounts. To learn more about the extensive range of services we offer to Singapore businesses, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by calling (65) 6222 8880 or by using the online enquiry form.

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