Work Visa Information: Employees

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visa formTypes of employment passes:


  • Employment Pass
    • Foreign professionals, managers, and executives.
    • Candidates need to earn at least $3,600 a month and have acceptable qualifications.
  • EntrePass
    • For foreign entrepreneurs wanting to start and operate a new business in Singapore
  • Personalised Employment Pass
    • For high earning existing employment pass holders or overseas foreign professionals.
    • Greater flexibility than employment pass.

(Skilled and semi-skilled workers):

  • S Pass
    • Mid-level skilled staff
    • $2,300 a month and meet assessment criteria
  • Work Permit for Foreign Worker
    • Semi-skilled in construction, manufacturing, marine shipyard, process or services sector.
  • Work permit for foreign domestic worker
    • For FDWs
  • Work permit for confinement nanny
    • Malaysian confinement nannies to work in SG for up to the 16 weeks starting from the birth of the employer’s child.
  • Work permit for performing artiste
    • Foreign performers in public entertainment outlets
    • Bars, hotels, nightclubs

(Trainees and students):

  • Training employment pass
    • Foreign professionals undergoing practical training
    • $3,000/month minimum
  • Work Holiday Pass (under Work Holiday Programme)
    • Students and graduates aged 18-25
    • Work and holiday in Singapore for 6 months.
  • Work Holiday Pass (under Work and Holiday Visa Programme)
    • Australian students and graduates aged 18-30
    • Work and holiday in Singapore for 1 year
  • Training Work Permit
    • Semi-skilled foreign trainees or students undergoing practical training in SG for up to 6 months

(Family Members):

  • Dependant’s Pass
    • For spouses and children of eligible Employment or S Pass Holders
  • Long Term Visit Pass
    • Parents, common-law spouses, step-children or handicapped children of Employment or S pass holders
  • Pre-approved Letter of Consent
    • Eligible spouses of Children of PRs holding LTVP
  • Letter of Consent
    • Eligible spouses or children of EP holders who hold a Dependant’s pass
    • Allows holder to work in Singapore.

(Exceptions and working while on a visit pass):

  • Miscellaneous Work Pass
    • Foreigners taking short term work assignment up to 60 days.
  • Work Pass Exempt Activities
    • Short term activities without a work pass
    • Must notify Ministry of Manpower
  • Work pass exemption for foreign students
    • Foreign students studying full-time at an approved school or institution in SG.
  • Work passes for holders of LTVP issued by ICA
    • Foreigners married to a Singaporean or PR, parents accompanying a child studying in SG

How to apply:


  • Applicant must have a valid passport
  • Applicant must be over 18 years of age.
  • The applicant can only work under the scope of the work permit they obtain

Application Process:

  • Submit a work visa application.
    • Carefully select which type of work visa from the types listed above
  • Prepare for arrival of the visa
  • Get work permit issued
  • Register official photo and fingerprints
  • Return old work permit and obtain new work permit in Singapore.

Requirements for Entrepreneur Pass:

  • Applicant must have at least a 30% share in the company
  • Company must be a private limited company that is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.


  • Must have good experience in business handling.
  • Prior record of sustainable business under their leadership.
  • Company funded by business angel investor or Government venture capitalist.


  • The innovator must have an intellectual property
  • The person should collaborate with an A* star university for conducting research studies.
  • Must have vast knowledge and expertise in their area; field of interest should be related to business being set up.


  • Must have excellent record of investing the businesses which grew in competitive markets.
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