Will I get my EP approved to work in Singapore?

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Work in Singapore – Will I Get My EP?

As a professional services firm, this question is almost a daily chime at our doorstep. As Singapore continues being the best place for business in the world, more foreign professionals are seeking to leverage. But in order for you to build your business here, you will need a work visa.

There are many work visas in Singapore yet the Employment Pass is the most relevant in most cases. The Employment Pass, or more commonly known as EP, allows a foreign professional to work, live and play in Singapore.

What does it take?

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has set 2 main criteria for all foreign professionals seeking the EP.

A minimum salary level of S$3,300 per month must be met. However, this is also dependent on the work being performed in Singapore. The salary should be in accordance with the current market rate and duties of the job. For a good gauge on what your salary level should be, check out http://www.payscale.com/research/SG/Country=Singapore/Salary.

Other factors that would affect your salary level would be age, experience, industry and qualification. A more matured and experienced individual would command a higher salary than a fresh graduate.

Bonus: An individual with a higher salary level has a better chance of approval.

Acceptable qualifications can include good degrees, professional qualifications or even specialist skills. MOM evaluates each application and qualification on its own merit, based on a wide range of criteria including:

  • Global and country institution rankings by independent accreditation boards such as the QS World University Rankings, Academic Rankings of World Universities, etc.
  • Employment outcome of the institution’s graduates.
  • The institution’s enrollment standards.

And for most countries, a clear copy of your education certificate is acceptable. However, additional documentation are required for:

Diploma/degree qualifications from India
1) Transcripts and marksheets

Diploma/degree qualifications from China
1)Certificate of Graduation
2)Verification proof of education certificates from any one of the following independent verification channels:

  • Dataflow
  • The China Higher Education Student Information job portal
  • The China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Information.

Bonus: MOM pays close attention to the legitimacy of your certificate. We highly encourage all applicants to never submit false documentation for the price to pay will be high.

If you are able to meet the requirements stipulated above, you are most likely guaranteed an EP. However, it’s wise to note that the final decision lies with MOM and many other factors will be considered during the point of your application.

To assess your likelihood of securing your EP, check out the following self-assessment tool: http://sat.mom.gov.sg/ and talk to us.

HCCS has a 90% success rate when it comes to EP applications as we recognise and understand the industries best practices.


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