Subsidiary Company

A Singapore Subsidiary is a wholly or majority foreign owned Private Limited company. The most commonly registered entity for trade in Singapore is the Singapore Private Limited company. In 2013,  there were a total of 37,288 company registrations as opposed to 22,893 business registrations (3). The exponential preference to registering a Private Limited company can be attributed to the following benefits:

Benefits of a Singapore Subsidiary

  • Can be 100% owned by foreign individual(s) or foreign company(s) – Subsidiary
  • Considered a tax resident company and eligible for tax exemptions, applicable government grants and incentives
  • Shareholders are not personally liable for debts and losses of the company
  • Liabilities of subsidiary company are not extended to parent/holding company
  • Shares can be easily transferred and appointed, enabling future capital injections
  • 15% effective tax rate or even lower with applicable grants and exemptions

Registration Requirements of a Singapore Subsidiary

  • A minimum of 1 local resident director
  • 1 local resident company secretary
  • Minimum of SGD $1 or equivalent in any other currency to be issued as paid-up capital
  • 1 shareholder, can also be a foreign individual or company
  • Required to appoint an auditor if any shareholder is a company

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