Social Media Marketing for Companies

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A good friend of mine had set up her own cupcake bakery and very soon business was booming. Queues would form outside her shop. Like bees to honey, no matter rain nor shine, customers will wait patiently for her cupcakes. Her supply couldn’t cope with her demand and she had to get her own shophouse and even more ovens. Shortly, she built a massively strong brand presence that shook the ground with every post from Facebook and people would listen.

With limited resources, not every entrepreneur can afford to spend thousands on marketing. Paper and TV adverts can eat into your profit margin easily and your target market may not necessarily be paying attention either.

So how does she do it? Through social media platforms.

Learning the ropes on the newly launched Instagram, she quickly coined her own Hashtag and slowly, everything came into place. She encouraged her customers to spread the word and they would figure out the best pose for her cupcakes, take the picture and select a filter to make their purchases as dramatic as ever.
And from there, her brand following grew.

Like her, many young entrepreneurs are hoping on the bandwagon to grow their brand via social media. However, not all platforms are suitable for every business and at HCCS, we advise our clients thoroughly on their marketing campaigns. And because we like to help, these are the typical social media platforms we encourage our clients to use.


Everyone knows about Facebook. But what does it really do for you? This marketing strategy is low cost, Facebook is not just free, but it also provides access to millions of target audience that can be converted into potential customers. Facebook can be used for sharing information relating to the business. Your company history, product details and business purpose will be provided on the page and this will draw Facebook users. You can engage users and interact with them and allows your business to communicate with existing and prospective clients.


Company pages on LinkedIn have huge business potential. Your target market always look for information about companies relevant to them. Creating your own LinkedIn company page gives more exposure and visibility to your business, products or services. Company pages also have recommendations and satisfied customers can now easily recommend you, your product or your service.


Twitter connects you to your customers like never before. Every tweet relays information directly to your intended target market, people also turn to Twitter to talk about your business and your industry and therefore gives you powerful context to connect directly with present and future customers in real time.
With the above 3 social media platforms, you cannot expect magic to happen immediately. Hard work and constant interaction with the masses will slowly reap rewards. It’s worthwhile nonetheless, or should we say, necessary. So call us today and we’ll help anyway we can.


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