Singapore brand mark will distinguish local products

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A Singapore brand mark was introduced in November last year. Then brand mark’s aim is to provide assurance to overseas buyers of quality and will help command premium pricing.

The introduction started with food and beverage (F&B) products, beauty and wellness, fashion and accessories, as well as homeware and décor.

The focus on quality will be a key feature that will distinguish Singapore food products from its competitors, with a increasing focus on safety and quality assurance.

“We will further amplify this to make sure that consumer interests and the purchase of local brands will be enhanced, not just in the Singapore market but also in the overseas market,” Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing said.

The food manufacturing and service industry is perceived as a key pillar among growth sectors in Singapore. While the sector has seen its fair share of obstacles amidst the pandemic, like supply chain disruptions, its growth has not been disrupted.

With the growing middle class market in Asia, whose concerns are focused on quality assurances, this will be a nod in the right direction for Singapore.

The introduction of a brand mark allows companies to leverage Singapore’s global reputation as an innovation hub and gain an edge over its competitors, Mr Chan added.

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