Representative Office

A Singapore Representative Office is best suited for foreign organisations that wish to conduct market research and feasibility studies prior to commiting themselves in a long term investment. The Representative Office provides a platform to collect data, research, gather information and cultivate trade contracts. However, the entity is subjected to renewal approval by the International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and are limited to a certain number of activities, excluding profit generating activities. Representative Offices are allowed to remain status quo for a maximum period of 3 years and thereafter, it will be required to register as a company with the registrar.

Benefits of a Singapore Representative Office

  • No filing requirements to ACRA
  • Minimal foreign investment in maintenance fees to operate the RO
  • No requirement of appointing a company secretary

Registration Requirements of a Singapore Representative Office

  • Submission of head office sales turnover and years of establishment
  • Submission of proposed number of staff the RO will hire
  • Head office audited accounts for approval
  • A local registered office address (local residential addresses may be permitted, certain conditions apply)

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