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MDIS Graduate Students showcase collections at the annual Graduate Fashion

The Management Development Institute of Singapore’s (MDIS) School of Fashion and Design (SFD) recently organised a Graduate Fashion Show 2019, which featured works by ten SFD Degree graduates revolving around the theme, ‘Singularity’.

The graduates’ works were reviewed and rated by a panel of judges which included Fabio Panzer, Creative Director of Braun Buffel, Mr Bernie Xu, PONY Sales & Business Development Manager, Ms Eleen Yong, Malaysian International Supermodel and Ms Christine Foong, Fashion Designer and CET Specialist in an Institute of Higher Learning. After review, awards were given out for different categories.

Nur Ili BinteNorazip received the Best Academic Award with a collection inspired by the Shah Mosque in Iran which was titled, ‘Fractals’. Her goal is to address the issue of lack of representation of Muslim women in fast fashion with the help of her works. She explained, “I aim to challenge stereotypes and show possibilities in modest fashion. I hope this collection can contribute to getting more people to think about greater inclusivity and diversity in fashion.

The Best Collection Award, awarded to the individual who demonstrated excellence in originality, workmanship, techniques, was won by Ng Pei Shi Amanda with ‘Genesis’. Her collection was inspired by cave paintings of Chauvet in southern France, displaying a contemporary interpretation of the hand-painted prints and shadowing prominent in Palaeolithic cave art. Amanda also exhibited the concept of sustainable fashion through the intentional layering of scrap fabrics and yarn in her design to mirror prehistoric humans who used basic materials. Amanda explained, “This collection was one year in the making. The purpose of my design is two-fold: raising awareness for sustainable fashion by giving scrap materials a new lease of life and discovering the depth of historical art. I’m proud of my work but I must say the other designers’ collections are really impressive!”

Amanda’s sentiment was echoed by Manager cum Lecturer Kee Ai Wei Aven, who stated she was proud of her students’ achievements. “The students pushed boundaries and went beyond what they thought they could achieve. Comments from the panel of judges who were industry veterans were very positive. They gave our graduates the confidence that their designs showed immense potential. In fact, there is already an interested label from Shanghai that is keen to buy some of these designs.”

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