Local PT Company

The Perseroan Terbatas (PT) is the most common type of business entity used by Indonesians to conduct business.

The general minimum requirement to establish a local PT company are as follows:

  • 2 shareholders
  • 1 local Director
  • 1 Commissioner

This type of company is usually reserved for 100% Indonesian citizen ownership, therefore for foreign investors who wants to establish a company in a business fields that closed to foreign investment, you will need to establish a local company in form of PT with 100% local shareholders. HC can provide our Clients local nominee director(s) and shareholder(s).

Paid Up Capital

An Indonesia’s Pt Company paid up share capital depends on the size of the business.

Small : above IDR 50,000,000 – 500,000,000

Medium : above IDR 500,000,000 – 10,000,000,000

Large : above IDR 10,000,000,000

The issued share capital must be deposited to the company bank account right after incorporation.

Incorporation procedure

No. Procedure Duration (working days)
1. Approval of company name at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights 2
2. Preparation of Association Article by Notary 4
3. Obtain Deed of Establishment at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights 3
4. Obtain Certificate of Domicile at the local government office 15
5. Obtain Tax payer registration number (NPWP) and VAT number at the tax office 3
6. Obtain Trading Business License (SIUP) 10
7. Obtain Company Registration Certificate (TDP) at the local government 10


If you are not sure what type of company which is suitable for your business, feel free to contact us.