FAQ on Company De-Registration

What are the procedures to close a company?

There are 2 ways to close a company. One is to wind up the company with
professional assistance. The other is to apply for striking off with
ACRA if you are able to meet the requirements stated in the guidelines

How long must my company be inactive before I can apply for striking-off?
Striking-off takes 5 months to complete. Will ACRA inform us on the actions taken?
My newly-incorporated dormant company has never filed AR before. Can I apply for striking off?
Can anyone else, other than the Company Director or Secretary, apply for striking-off of the company?
My dormant company is due to hold AGM and submit the Annual Return. Can I
instead proceed to initiate striking-off, without incurring penalties?
My company has no more directors. Can I apply for striking-off?
If my last set of Company accounts is qualified, can I use it to apply for striking-off?
Can I submit unaudited accounts together with my application to strike off a company limited by guarantee?