Employment Contracts

An employment contract between a company and its employee is always important. A good and well written employment contract will protect both the employer and the employee. It assures both parties of their rights and lets them know what the other party expects from them. Duties, rights and obligations of each party would be covered in an employment contract and should always be referred to when in doubt or in dispute.

Non-exhaustive points to note about an employment contracts

For high paying management positions, it is unlikely that the Employment Act in Singapore would govern the agreement and both parties are free to decide on the hours of work, annual leave, medical benefits etc… and the employer cannot change the terms and conditions of employment unless the employee agrees to it.

Without a written agreement, the notice period to be given depends on what the parties have agreed upon verbally and in the absence of such and depending on how long the employee has been working, the notice period can range from one day to four weeks. This can cause problems for employers who have to look for another employee on short notice.

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