Navigating COMPASS Together: Your Employment Pass Journey Starts Here

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The Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) enhances clarity and predictability in the Employment Pass (EP) process, facilitating strategic workforce planning for employers.

Beyond the complexities of any framework, the heart of a successful EP application lies in understanding each individual’s skills and aspirations.

Here are a few examples of how we’ve overcome challenges and secured successful outcomes for our clients before the COMPASS framework was implemented.

A South African entrepreneur’s success

We helped a 59-year-old South African entrepreneur with extensive mining and mineral industry experience secure an EP.

Drawn by the nation’s strategic advantages and business-friendly environment, he sought to establish a local base to facilitate his international operations. Given the niche nature of his expertise, demonstrating his value to the economy required a nuanced approach.

We worked with him to showcase his specialized skills, international network, and the potential for his business to contribute to the nation’s position as a global trade hub.

This strategic approach proved successful, resulting in his EP approval and allowing him to leverage the country’s advantages to further his business goals.

Supporting an artist’s vision

In line with Singapore’s ongoing efforts to promote arts and culture, we assisted a European artist in obtaining an EP.

This individual had transformed her Orchard Road residence into a vibrant art gallery, showcasing and selling works by European artists. While she lacked formal qualifications, her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to promoting cross-cultural artistic exchange were evident.

We partnered with her to create a strong EP application, highlighting her gallery’s positive impact on the local arts scene.

By collaborating with the Singapore Tourism Board and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, we successfully advocated for her EP application.

Securing employment passes for a skilled couple

We recently facilitated the successful employment pass applications for a talented couple relocating to Singapore.

The wife, an accomplished interior designer with a keen eye for aesthetics, sought to expand her career in a new market. The husband, who recently retired from a senior position in Shanghai, desired to leverage his lifetime proficiency in a new environment.

Recognizing their unique value, we tailored their individual EP applications, showcasing their respective skills, accomplishments, and the potential synergies their combined skillset could bring to Singapore’s dynamic business landscape.

Through effective communication with the authorities, we secured their EPs, enabling them to pursue their professional goals in Singapore and enrich the local community.

Your COMPASS to success in Singapore

As the stories above illustrate, securing an employment pass in Singapore involves understanding the value each individual brings, crafting a compelling narrative, and navigating the application process with knowledge.

The COMPASS framework, a significant addition to existing work pass regulations, aims to bring greater clarity and transparency to this process while attracting foreign professionals who complement the local workforce.

At HC Consultancy, we understand that this transition to a points-based system may raise questions for both employers and prospective employees. We’re here to help you make sense of the new COMPASS requirements, leverage your strengths, and present your case in the most impactful way possible.

Let us be your partner in assisting you with the COMPASS framework and achieving your professional goals in Singapore.

Contact us today for a personalized consultation and take the first step towards your future in Singapore.

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