Accounting & Tax

Indonesia has its own finance and tax regulations, and all local companies in the archipelago are required to abide by them.

To help your company comply with the accounting and tax reporting rules of Indonesia, HC Indonesia provides a full selection of services on business processes.

By outsourcing your business’ accounting and tax obligations, you will reduce your operating costs and administrative burden while ultimately increasing your business flexibility and growth.

HC Indonesia takes pride in its staff of experienced accountants and tax consultants who are well trained and have local business knowledge, ensuring tailored solutions for your business based on your individual requirements in accordance with the government’s standard operating procedures.

Our suite of services include:


·         General Ledger

·         Balance Sheet

·         Income Statement

·         Cash Flow

·         Monthly Tax Report (withholding tax and VAT)

·         Annual Tax Report

·         Processing Payments

·         Issue Invoices



·         Individual Tax

·         Corporate Tax


·         Audit Procedures

·         Scope of Audit Services

·         Paper Checks

·         Legalization by Public Accounting Firm

·         External Audit Report