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Starting a Non-Profit Organisation in Singapore

What is a Non-Profit Organisation in Singapore? A non-profit organization (NPO) is a legally registered entity set up with its principal activities being that of a public or private interest. As the name suggests, NPOs are not set up for profits. Unlike a typical commercial entity which distributes profits to it’s shareholders, an NPO retains … Continue reading Starting a Non-Profit Organisation in Singapore

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Future-Ready SMEs: Embrace the Change to Transform The SME Centre Conference is an annual event for small and medium enterprises to learn how to grow their business, and network with well-respected business leaders as well as knowledge experts. Conference participants are provided with an excellent platform to connect with over 800 SME CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs … Continue reading SME CENTRE CONFERENCE 2017 Review

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Dialogue Session with Manpower Minister, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin

Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry held an engaging dialogue session with its members on 30 January 2015. The session was graced by Manpower Minister, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin. Members took this occasion to voice their concerns over the continued labour constraints faced by SMEs. This topic stirred lively exchange of suggestions and views in … Continue reading Dialogue Session with Manpower Minister, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin

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US Tax Bill

The Winners, Losers and how will the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Impact you and your business? President Donald Trump’s “big, beautiful Christmas present” to the American people came Dec. 22, when he signed into law a tax plan that will benefit business owners big and small and give individual taxpayers a slight break in … Continue reading US Tax Bill

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Protecting your Business Idea

How much is a business idea worth to you?  Well, for one 19 year old Harvard dropout named Mark Zuckerberg, a small idea turned into a company with a market cap in excess of USD 220 billion 10 years later, making him the youngest billionaire in the world.